Si Tengo Alas Para Volar

A few months ago, my good friend Julie told me that I should start naming the more intricate jewelry pieces, to give them more personality. I agree. Today I finished this latest necklace, inspired by necklaces worn by Frida Kahlo in many of her paintings.

This necklace is named  – Si Tengo Alas Para Volar. In English, that means If I Have Wings to Fly.

Frida necklace9

Frida necklace3    Frida necklace7    Frida necklace12  Frida necklace14

Frida necklace

Hey look! It’s me!

Frida Kahlo was a woman who knew pain, and lots of it. She not only knew it, but was able to communicate her pain in a meaningful way to people who connected with her feelings and empathized with her experiences. Her quote: ¿ Pies para que os quiero, si tengo alas para volar?, was written at a time when she couldn’t walk due to injuries and pain to her spine.

I love this quote because it exemplifies what I think is the most important force in human thinking: our capacity to dream beyond what is right in front of us. This necklace is made of sterling silver beads that are silhouettes of stylized bleeding hearts, 14 karat gold, and red coral. It is meant to be striking, beautiful, slightly dangerous, risky to wear. Just like love, and just like all the steps we take along this path of life.

1 thought on “Si Tengo Alas Para Volar

  1. You have wonderful taste and amazing ways of expression, and you’re beautiful as well! The whole package 😉 Glad I stumbled upon your page, Michael

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