Tall and Quiet

Atlas Sound is winter storm music to me….

“With all her worldly possessions in one small pack, the Fool travels she knows not where. So filled with visions, questions, wonder and excitement is she, that she doesn’t see the cliff she is likely to fall over. At her heel a small dog harries her (or tries to warn her of a possible mis-step). Will the Fool learn to pay attention to where she’s going before it’s too late?”

Picture this….the first winter snowstorm hits at about 8 o’ clock last evening, and a certain burgeoning artist has just come up with a beautiful design for earrings patterned with dried hydrangea leaves, made in silver and gold. All is well, music is playing…she steps out of the studio door at about 10 and everywhere is covered with the fine, dusty snow of late autumn, about a half inch or so covers every surface, step, car. She steps out wearing her trusty black cowboy boots, patterned brown tights, a new-to-her pink-and-black wool skirt, scarf, coat, and hat, while clutching a giant potted fern that was gifted to her earlier in the day and her usual waxed canvas bag of tricks…

Down the steps slowly, cautiously, she walks out and up Summit Road on her way home. The snow is coming down furiously, the wind is howling up and down the road in giant swirls of cold air. The snowflakes hit her face and eyes and melt, making it a bit tricky to see, but up the road she goes, clutching this giant houseplant and making sure not to slip on the steadily more slippery ground. A car passes as, for a minute or two, she stands in the middle of the road not exactly sure how she got to this exact present moment. She wonders if the people in the car are wondering the same thing. Continuing to walk, she gets home and finds a home for the giant fern; unpacked it expands to something like four feet across as it used to live in a huge summer house of someone much fancier than she. It dwarfs the floor next to the window and the antique brass lamp but she leaves it there anyway because it looks hilarious: like a giant, hairy green muppet or something. She makes cocoa, stares at the snow, and goes to sleep.

My new-to-me car has completely broken down and turns out was a bad, bad, bad investment of capital. I intend to go, today, to try to get that capital back….but of course, that is a gamble of a sort. Last night, I decided that if I am not meant to have a car for a while, perhaps I will just be the lady who walks.

Or maybe I will find a pony in a snowdrift?

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