A Winter Storm

Having survived the first of what promises to be many winter storms, I spent all day today being lazy and making a winter storm mix. This is my first foray into the world of 8tracks.com…I have learned that these things take time to make! Anyway….I hope you enjoy it and it makes you cozy and thoughtful on these deep winter days.

Links por vous:

Vogue.com shares with us the Winter 2013/2014 Fashion Trends….something to gaze upon and then look at the four feet of snow outside and just throw on the ol’ Bean Boots after all….

Gayla Trail of YouGrowGirl.com shares some photos and reflections on a garden covered in ice from last week’s ice storm. I wonder how much snow they got in Toronto?

When one is stuck inside, it helps to look at other peoples’ amazing interiors and seek inspiration for one’s own. My two favorites at the moment are BLOODANDCHAMPAGNE and Rooms For The Revolution.

Buzzfeed.com put together this great list of movies on Netflix that are good for cold, wintry days. I was surprised at how few of them I had seen!

Enjoy the cold, y’all…..it just started. 🙂

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